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Here you can find feedbacks from customers who placed orders with us. Only customers who paid for their order and got it delivered have right to leave a feedback. So this section actually reflects how satisfied (or mad at us :) ) our clients are. 

 Please leave feedback about order we shipped you. Please enter name you want others to see as feedback's author and share your experience. Feedbacks are not pre-moderated, but we reserve a right to remove unreasonable feedback, so please read conditions of our action carefully. We though highly appreciate healthy criticism and pointing at our service drawbacks.

Swim 34 / Methoxetamine

perfect !
Date: 22.06.2013
Swim 62 / JWH-122

Great communication, great product, fast shipping. Thanks a lot.
Date: 21.06.2013
Swim 32 / MAM-2201

Just a quality-order like every time.
Date: 21.06.2013
Portuguese Researcher / 6-apdb

Dear sirs, Once again I am pleased with your service. From placing an order, up to payment receive and item dispatch was great. Took around five days for that process, which is pretty fair imo. The only setback was the Spanish postal service, españoles perezosos, buy hey, my fault as these guys offer EMS and I was a cheap bastard to choose regular mail. But that was replace with the joy of receiving 10% in my order! Fuck you NalinLab (in a very good an polite and by no means offensive :)), you are the greatest! Will keep the faith!

Date: 21.06.2013
Swim 34 / αMT Powder, 5-meo-mipt

Great like everytime...
Date: 20.06.2013
SwimFr / Methoxetamine, 5-meo-mipt, 2C-P

Good quality mxe, goog shipping, good samples, such a good shop.
Date: 20.06.2013
Swim 34 / 4-MEC(crystals)

I received the product, I am very satisfied!
Date: 20.06.2013
ray / AM-2201

Great this is the second order from you and I do have to say that you have been very kind ... the first time I was in doubt, but this time I removed all doubts in very good

Date: 19.06.2013
Swim 16 / Pentedrone (small crystals)

Fast delivery to Canada, all in order and a little extra product too.
Date: 19.06.2013
Swim 97 / MAM-2201, 5-meo-mipt

Das mam-2201 war nicht übereinstimmend mit dem was ich kenne...ich werd nichts mehr bestellen.
Date: 19.06.2013
Swim 34 / ETCATH crystals, 4-FA

The 4-fa was excellent the pentedrone wasnt that great moisture got in the bag
Date: 18.06.2013
weedwacker / JWH-122

Very great product, fast service, and fast shipping. I am very satisfied, and will buy again. Best JWH site ever. Thank you.
Date: 18.06.2013
Swim 32 / 4-FA, Pentedrone (small crystals)

hi! the merchandise is received. thank you
Date: 18.06.2013
Swim 34 / MDPV

Goooooooooood quality!!!!
Date: 18.06.2013
Swim 34 / UR-144, JWH-122, MAM-2201, AKB-48

GOOD : very good quality of the product, very good support. BAD : long time until payment is confirmed, and the package is shipped and received. also, my package was seized by customs. Conclusion : I will order more. best stuff. Bye.

Date: 17.06.2013
Swim 18 / 5-MAPB, 6-apdb

again very pleased. great products, fair prices, fast & friendly communication. very reliable company and, in my opinion, simply the kingpin in rc online business.

Date: 17.06.2013
Swim 34 / MAM-2201

Good Quality. Ever again

Date: 17.06.2013
Swim 32 / AM-2201

Good Vendor with good Quality

Date: 17.06.2013
Swim 34 / AM-2201

Good Quality and fast shipping makes it perfect.

Date: 17.06.2013
Swim 34567898 / 6-apdb, Etizolam 1mg, 2C-P, Ethylphenidate, 2-DPMP; Desoxypipradrol, 5-meo-mipt, 3,4-ctmp

all good +++-

Date: 17.06.2013